Being one of the most exposed parts of the body, it is important to take care of our hands. Among the different ways in which we can do that, embellishing them with jewels is the one loved by the most. But did you ever asked yourself which fingers to wear your rings on and why?

As everything, where you place your ring can have a meaning, and to know it can be useful, especially if you want to learn how to use them to communicate something, like your social status or your personality.

If you are curious about this subject, keep on reading our article. You will find out that the world of jewellery is based on rules and traditions that are older than you might think.


The history of rings: from the Bronze Age to the ancient Romans


The rings we know nowadays are generally made of gold and silver, but in the past it wasn’t always like this.

In fact, the first time that a ring appeared was during the Bronze Age; when rings were made with less precious materials.

Rings existed also during the ancient Egypt, where nobles and the clergy used to wear big gold rings that had a great symbolism, being linked to the idea of life after death.

Then, while for Greeks rings were made of bronze and silver and were mainly used to make an agreement, for Romans they were typically decorated with big oval gems.


Anelli d’epoca romana – all credits to La Repubblica


Today, rings have lost a huge part of their symbolic value, being seen especially as accessorises. However, there are some traditions that stand the test of time and that are based on the connection between rings and where we place them. Let’s see them!


Tell me which hand you wear your rings on and I will tell you who you are!


Yes, to put your ring on the left hand or on the right hand is not a random choice as it may seem!

In fact, it seems that if you wear your rings on the left hand you are a sensitive and creative person; while if you wear your rings on the right hand you probably have a strong personality and you are a more rational person.

Curiously, hands have a different meaning in other Countries, as for the populations living in the East. As a matter of fact, for them the left hand is connected to the Yin (translatable as “the darker side of the hill”), to femininity, to the moon and darkness; while the right hand should be linked to the Yang (known as “the sunny side of the hill”), and so to the masculinity, to the light and heath.


The meaning of rings for each finger


Something that tells a lot about you is not only which hand you wear your rings on but also which finger you wear your rings on. In fact, it is well known that each finger symbolizes something – usually based on old traditions and beliefs – and which of them we choose to decorate tells a lot about who we are. But let’s go step by step.


The thumb


Not only men but also women love to wear rings on the thumb, but what’s its meaning?

Well, those wearing rings on the thumb generally have a strong personality, that they don’t want to hide.

This idea probably originated from the fact that, in the ancient Greece, the thumb was associated with the concept – a little bit old fashioned today – of the “masculine dignity”. However, it exists another version and that stems from the Chinese philosophy, according to the which the ring on the thumb represents flexibility and adaptability.


The index


A ring on the index finger reflects resolution and perseverance. Not surprisingly, in palmistry the index finger is associated with the Greek god Jupiter.

Also considering some simple observations, the association between the index finger and determination is almost immediate: the index finger is, in fact, the one with which we give directions to someone and, after all, to ourselves as well. That is why the ring worn on the index finger is a symbol of great pragmatism and ambition.

However, keep attention that if you wear the ring on the index finger of the right hand this could represent a strong propensity for organization; conversely, if it is the left hand that is embellished with this accessory, this could indicate that a strongly creative spirit is wearing it.


The middle finger


The meaning of the ring on the middle finger is that you are a purposeful, reliable, and balanced person.

It seems, moreover, that since the middle finger is exactly in the middle of the fingers of a hand, a ring on that finger would make it easier to catch the beholder’s attention.


The ring finger


Being the most common finger people wear rings on, the ring finger is connected – according to the palmistry – to the god Apollo.

Generally speaking, the ring finger is the finger on which both the engagement ring (on the right hand) and the wedding ring (on the left hand) are placed.


Foto con mano con anello di fidanzamento sul dito anulare


But where did the tradition of wearing the engagement ring and wedding ring on this very finger originate?

It seems, in fact, that such rings are placed on the ring finger because, in the culture of the ancient Romans, the ring finger was the finger where an artery (called vena amoris) passed through and went all the way to the heart.

However, it must also be said that the tradition of the wedding ring is much more recent (we are talking about the 1930s).

And what if someone chooses to spontaneously wear a ring on the ring finger? No problem, that too is allowed. It will only mean that you are a sensitive and idealistic person, perhaps also a little bit romantic.

After all, there are a lot of people that – nowadays – use to wear a ring on their ring finger, as a symbol of the love they feel for themselves.


The little finger


Finally: the little finger. Despite being the smallest finger of all, in the past the little finger held a role of considerable importance, being the finger chosen for wearing the famous Chevalier ring, that is that ring that bore the seal of the lineage and the family’s coat of arms of the person that wore it. Actually, this tradition (born to imprint one’s seal on wax so to seal correspondence) continues to exist even today. Indeed, there are exclusive clubs, fraternities, and special associations whose participants wear rings on their little finger to declare their membership.

More generally, however, those who wear rings on their little finger are considered creative, but also somewhat unconventional.

A little fun fact, then, concerning this finger is that, in the 19th century, if someone wore two rings on the little finger of the left hand it meant that he or she was already married.


What ring will look best on your finger?


Now that we know what we need to know about the meaning of rings for each finger, we just need to choose the ring that will look best on our finger. To do that, you just need to follow some simple rules:


  • If you’re like enough to have long tapered fingers, then you can choose rings with a geometrical structure capable of elongating even more the fingers;
  • If you have short fingers, the best is to wear rings with slender bands or with oval, pear and marquise stones;
  • If you have wide fingers, you can play with big stones and decorations, since that narrow stones would make wider fingers look even wider;
  • Similarly, if you have chubby fingers you can opt for rings with round stones or cluster rings, as our Flamenco ring with Mediterranean red coral beads.


However, what is important to underline is that each woman should be free to wear what she wants. After all, what we have seen until this moment is that we should wear our rings on just to express ourselves freely.

Our team knows it well, and this is the reason why we decided to create different collections that make each woman express not only her personality, but different shades of it.

Because a woman is never just one thing: she is the union of her strength, her fragility, her sensitivity, and intelligence; and that is why, for us, it is particularly important to know that you feel that our brand represents each and every aspect of you.


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