Every Moni Lisa’s jewel is covered by legal warranty for 2 years, according to D.lgs. n. 206 of 6/09/05 in transposition of the Directive 1999/44/CE.

Each Moni Lisa’s jewel will arrive along with an Authenticity and Warranty certificate, stamped and signed with the seller business name. It is a legal document, edited by metals, precious stones and semi-precious stones experts.

To receive assistance on the products covered by warranty, the Customer can contact Moni Lisa’s Customer Service by filling in the form in the “Contact us” section and selecting the object “Assistance Request”. The message must contain:

  • Order number;
  • Name and code of the items for which assistance has been requested;
  • Reason for the request of assistance.

We will deal with each request as quickly as possible. Moni Lisa reserves the right to objectively assess the cause of the problem. If it emerges that the problem is due to a conformity defect, the procedure for repair or free replacement under warranty of the defective product will be initiated, exempting the customer from shipping costs.

If the problem is not related to a manufacturing defect, the Moni Lisa operators will endeavour to find the best solution in agreement with the Customer.