Chic Earrings with Salmon Coral Beads

The timeless elegance of Chic collection enlightens every special moment. In these pendants, diamond threads alternate with coral spheres in salmon colour.


Being a handmade creation, features below may slightly vary.

  • Color: Salmon
  • Length: 7 cm
  • Materials: Pacific Coral “Corallium Elatius”, 18 Kt White Gold, Diamonds
  • Collection: Chic


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18 kt white gold, coral, diamonds



According to the legend, the coral was born from the blood of the beheaded Medusa, that coloured and petrified the seaweeds upon which Perseus had placed her head, turning them into coral. However, the science has another explanation: the coral is the calcareous secretion produced by little octopus communities, with support and protection function. These secretions, blending together, result in colonies.
In jewellery, the most appreciated corals, both for their value and beauty, are those from the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
The coral coming from the Pacific Ocean can be divided into three subcategories: Corallium Elatius, Secundum and Japonicum.
Elatius coral stands out for the size of its branches. It occurs in different shades of colour: from Momo in salmon and peach colour, up to the rarest Angel skin, in light pink. The coral in angel skin, due to the rarity and uniformity of its colour, is the finest and most valued among the coral varieties.

18 Kt GOLD

Pure gold, as present in nature, is a malleable material. So, in order to be used in jewellery, it must be alloyed with other metals.  As a consequence, gold can have different colorations: yellow gold requires additional alloys like brass, zinc and silver; in white gold, on the other hand, are used alloys of brass (in reduced amount compared to yellow gold) and palladium.


From Greek Adamas, unconquerable, the name diamond refers to the hardness of this precious gem. Diamond is the crystalized form of carbon, formed below the Earth’s surface over billions of years; indeed, it needs high pression and temperature to crystallize.
Diamond is always been considered a symbol of love: the roman emperor Maximilian I started this tradition by gifting his beloved Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring.