Chic Earrings with Turquoise Drops and Diamonds Falls

The timeless elegance of Chic collection enlightens every special moment. Cascades of diamonds end in two majestic turquoise drops, making this pair of earrings the most precious of the entire collection.


Being a handmade creation, features below may slightly vary.

  • Color: Light blue
  • Length: 9 cm
  • Materials: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, 18 Kt White Gold, Diamonds
  • Collection:Chic


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light blue


18 kt white gold, diamonds, turquoise



Turquoise is a mineral, specifically a hydrated phosphate of aluminium and copper, that give to the stone blue and green shades, respectively. The word turquoise derives from the Turks merchants who exported the gem in Europe.
The gem colour changes according to its origin place.
The most valued quality of turquoise is the so-called Sleeping Beauty from the Globe mines in Arizona. The name refers to the natural conformation of the mountains, whose profile recalls that of a “sleeping beauty”.   The uniqueness of this quality is given by the solidity and purity of the stone and by the gleam of the colour.

18 Kt GOLD

Pure gold, as present in nature, is a malleable material. So, in order to be used in jewellery, it must be alloyed with other metals.  As a consequence, gold can have different colorations: yellow gold requires additional alloys like brass, zinc and silver; in white gold, on the other hand, are used alloys of brass (in reduced amount compared to yellow gold) and palladium.


From Greek Adamas, unconquerable, the name diamond refers to the hardness of this precious gem. Diamond is the crystalized form of carbon, formed below the Earth’s surface over billions of years; indeed, it needs high pression and temperature to crystallize.
Diamond is always been considered a symbol of love: the roman emperor Maximilian I started this tradition by gifting his beloved Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring.